Monday, 15 February 2010


Made on a budget of $0, Adam Cooley’s Me, Myself And My Third Eye is an unusual exploration of the self, which nominally deals with the exploration for God. Cooley himself portrays four diverse characters, all of whom have their own need for religious experience. An unremarkable hand-puppet of a cat (basically a drawn-on paper bag) purposelessly explores various parts of the house, a masked maniac finds himself jealously coveting an electrical socket, the masked wife of an unnamed president ruminates over possible visits to the sperm bank, and an abrasive rapist father recounts uncaringly how his daughter works as a phone sex operator to fund his heroin addiction. The film flips indiscriminately between the stories.

Naturally, a non-existent budget provides stringent limitations, but it seems that Cooley wasn’t competent to begin with, as the sound and image editing attest. One also wonders whether he set out to spend most of the film in his bedroom, or if it was just easier that way. Fluxus it ain’t, but perhaps it is unfair to judge this sort of films so flippantly. After all, this is essentially the digital age’s equivalent to underground cinema, Cooley handling all roles (including promotion) himself. Visiting his website is somewhat encouraging, although he has more to say about his impressively lo-fi methods of filmmaking than what he wants to achieve. As such, Me, Myself, And My Third Eye is tedious and aimless, but the fact that it was made is refreshing enough to warrant further viewing.


  1. Hi, was just alerted to this review, and I gotta thank you for the promotion, poor score or not -- I'm not going to defend myself against it (though I would suggest you rethink your criticism of my editing abilities, which even my detractors have noted are topnotch and far from incompetent). Instead, I'm going to make a few corrections to your review: most of the film was not filmed in a bedroom, there's only one bedroom in the whole movie, in a brief shot, half the film is outside actually (especially in the last story, did you see the part where I go to the beach, chop my dick off and throw it at this great monument in my town and then play a concert where I do accapella songs on this huge stage and tell the crowd how my dad raped me, which is a true story?)! Also, I only portray one character, not four, in the very last story. I dunno if I'd call the film aimless either; it all gels together pretty cohesively, really; note the reoccuring shots of passing trains.

    Here is a trailer for the movie, for those wondering:

    ...Again, thanks for taking the time to review my film, is this the first thing you've watched by me? It's probably not a good starting point to my style.. I'd reccomend my animated series MAN OF THE GRAVEYARD MAN or my film NO REASON TO EXIST. Hope you review more of my stuff in the future, good or bad! I read a few more of your reviews. LOVE IS COLDER THAN DEATH is one of my favorite movies of all time, and a big influence! Glad you dug it. Take care, man. Feel free to email me with any questions, or if you'd like to discuss anything with me (mradamcooley [at]!


  2. Oh, was curious about this, too... "The film flips indiscriminately between the stories." What do you mean? There are 4 separate stories that aren't connected at all, and aren't related at all, and I never cut back to an old story, because they all have a clear beginning and end, and each one has a separate title sequence.... Also, you described the first story, and the beginning of the second one only. Curious... Take care!

  3. sounds like he didn't watch it all mate!