Monday, 7 June 2010


Ricky, the Santa Claus killer from the previous installments of Silent Night, Deadly Night, is in a coma after being shot by the police. Laura, a blind girl with premonitory powers, is asked to engage in an experiment that aims to find some form of communication with Ricky (the reason is never fully explained), but finds herself instead plagued by horrific nightmares about Christmas. When Laura takes some time off to visit her grandmother, Ricky is stirred awake by a tipsy orderly dressed as Santa Claus and begins his murderous spree again. When Laura suddenly feels something is amiss during her sojourn at Granny’s, she realises that the experiment may have been more successful than expected.

From the space-age cranial dome that Ricky supposedly requires in his comatose state, to the doctor’s parapsychological nonsense (“her body may be young, but her soul is old”), this dire sequel appears to take a laissez-faire approach to both science and horror, not to mention its overreliance on footage from the previous films to tell its story. Laura’s blindness is barely vital to the story besides supposedly giving credence to her psychic visions, which also seem too selective to be reliable. The film is not without its mildly amusing moments – Ricky hitchhiking with the dome still intact, for example – but it’s otherwise an abysmal experience with some unforgivably poor dialogue. Oddly enough, Lynch fans may recognise two of the film’s stars, Eric Da Re and Laura Harring, from Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive respectively.


  1. Mmmm.Surprisingly bad coming from Monte Hellman. I really like some of his early movies. The Shooting is great; one of the strangest westerns of all time and I recently watched and really enjoyed Two Lane Blacktop. (Warren Oats is great on both movies). Since you're on a horror movie spree, how'bout some Dario Argento?

  2. I felt perhaps I should see some Monte Hellman films before judging this one (Two-Lane Blacktop came recommended), but in all fairness this was just a quickie sequel, and an awful one at that. I'll keep a look out for The Shooting, it sounds great. And I'll try to track down some Argento as well!