Thursday, 9 September 2010


Intercut with footage from old Danish films, this peculiar anthology film invites twenty international directors to direct short films about Danish women, and the open brief makes it hard for the viewer to travel from one film to the next.

The Weather – short remake of Berlin, Symphony of a Great City?

Expectations – interview snippet which means little out of context

Me – dark, brooding depiction of sexuality, with notes of sci-fi

Meditation – entertaining portrait of a loving matriarch with an unusual hobby

Danthing – utterly surreal computer animation, reminiscent of Guy Maddin

My Things – sentimental, and a sweet interpretation of the title;

Light Apparel – baffling proverbial piece about gender inequality

Archaeology – mildly interesting documentary which discusses the Sami people

Centre – superb experimental short which keeps a moving ball at the centre of the screen

Life In Six Steps – ambitious Reggio-esque documentary which doesn’t quite gel together

Berlin Retour – unusual time-travelling WWII short with a questionable aesthetic

Casting – weak comedy which aims to subvert the stereotypes of Danish women

Peeping – culture-shock drama; feels like an excerpt of a bigger film

Dreaming – typical political fare from Dušan Makavejev, with cheeky self-reference

Bliss – inaccessible fragment of a conversation between the artist and Vietnamese friends

My Father – touching short about memory; could have been longer

Pork And Apple Stew – dreadful absurdist animation

Rhythm – decent piece on samba, although tenuous link to the theme

Tobacco – shows a prematurely aged woman smoking; subtle yet effective

Why Don’t We? – tries to conclude the film with a previously unacknowledged message

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